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Gain HP the Fitness Game

Role playing games mixed with fitness? How did this come about?

I first came up with Gain HP when health problems were catching up to me back in 2010, and was able to help dozens of people (including myself) achieve a better weight and make more logical choices under two fun retro RPG "campaigns." No one method can help any person achieve a healthier lifestyle, so the program was a very basic guideline. However, the folks gathering in the campaigns, cheering each other on, was a fantastic and inspiring experience.

Unfortunately, over the years, I have personally had an ebb and flow of taking care of myself, and right when I was really turning things around and getting to my healthiest weight and blood pressure in over a decade... the COVID pandemic hit and (unrelated) I lost my mother. Not leaving the house nearly as much and cutting on exercise, I've also been dealing with on-and-off depression and filling my emptiness with food. 35 pounds or so later, I'm feeling extremely miserable.

A recent light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that we here in the States should be able to get our vaccines in the next several months, and other countries have already started vaccinating as well. Soon, if everything continues as expected, we will again travel amongst each other with less worry and more chances to get up, get moving, and soak up good things in nature.

Hatter fights back against the hunger de

MadHatter returns! Here, we see him about to annihilate some Fried Demons.

I thought this was a better time than any to bring Gain HP back as we prepare to get our vaccines and integrate back into a multiplayer society. I don't know about you, but I think hitting the ground running a week or so after some shots will probably not end the best - Instead, I propose that we ramp up to that speed of life again by getting ahead of that "normalcy." To do that, we can start being more conscious of our eating, exercise, resting, and more in preparation for our next open world adventure.

I've looked through tons of articles and studies on food, exercising, sleep, supplements, and general wellbeing, and I believe I've come up with the most basic, yet important methods on how to become a healthier human and achieve a target body weight. I added some wonderful NES sprite rips from Final Fantasy III and Dragon Warrior, tossed in some of my "special" brand of humor, sprinkled a few good ol' fashioned cusswords into the mix, and here you have it... Retro Game Champion presents: Gain HP - A Fitness Adventure.

Come join a party of your fellow geeks and get ready to go on the literal quest of a lifetime!

How to Play the Game
Fighting (Exercise)
Foraging (Diet)
Resting (Sleep)
Tonics (Supplements)
Choose a Class
Enjoy the Adventure!
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