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Retro Videogame Music Collections

Click on any of the albums below to learn about that release and download it for free!

How I Put These Albums Together

I'm very proud of my videogame music collection. It's large and meticulous - It's basically a project all of its own!

Though it only includes tracks from games I’ve played and enjoyed, it still tips the scales at 37,000+ tracks and about 162 GB in size... as of 2020. I'll have to run the data again soon, it may have doubled.


It has taken years to do the following for each and every file to the best of my ability:

  • Convert them from many different non-standard audio formats into 320 kbps mp3s

  • Research the proper titles for songs

  • Translate any names that were never localized to English

  • Name the files properly for a modern format with correct capitalization, punctuation, and grammar

  • Edit the tags accurately for ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3.0, and APE

  • Credit the correct composers

  • For games that never had official soundtracks, I assign my own track order to what I believe makes sense. For soundtracks that were officially released for games, I make sure the track listing matches the original cassette or disc

  • Fix up and apply hand-picked, high quality cover art at a 1000x1000 pixel size. If the source image is less than 1000x1000, I use AI upscaling program to get it there with the least amount of image change as possible. For console and computer games, I use the front of the box. For arcade machines, I use the front of the flyer. For pinball machines, I use an image of the backglass and speaker set.

  • Sort the music into folders separated by game system

I can’t share the entire collection here since some of it is from the current era of games. Instead, I have created the themed compilations above full of retro (older than 15 years) favorites as well as rare, hard-to-find audio so that these incredible tunes and jingles are not forgotten with time.

What are the origins for these audio files? Oh, there are plenty! They were grabbed from IRC, downloaded from P2P programs like Napster and Limewire forever ago, found on doujinshi collections, ripped or recorded from the actual games or soundtracks myself, extracted from YouTube or likewise sites… It's a fun hunt. If anyone left a comment in the original files for a credit, I definitely kept it in. If such a tag was never created, I have no memory of where some of the files originally came from.

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