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DMCA Takedown Requests

Retro Game Champion was started as a passion project, a way to celebrate and share our retro videogame history as well as preserve it for future generations. Without archival efforts, this incredibly important art form and history that helped bring the world together would be lost and forgotten over time… Sadly, some already has been.


Before you consider filing a DMCA takedown request, please note the following important points:

  • As a passion project, this all comes from a place of love for retro videogames, nothing more

  • There is zero advertising on this site, and no monetization is enabled on YouTube. In other words, there is no recurring revenue coming in

  • Any tips or subscription payouts from Twitch are used only to gain better equipment or rare items to further the project, and all purchases are revealed publicly to ensure that everyone knows that I'm not spending any of it for personal reasons

  • No backups are actually hosted on this site, so my webhost can not remove anything for you. This is merely a fancy portal - All files are uploaded to the incredible Internet Archive ( instead

  • All pieces of content available in these collections are (at the very least) 15 years old. That is far beyond their time for sale in the primary market

  • All merchandise is made directly by Redbubble, I never handle the production, storage, or sale of it. All products are set at the base price, so I get zero cut of the purchases made on their site

  • All game mp3s in the audio collections are properly named, tagged, and credited to their original composers with high quality cover images to be as accurate as possible. No licensed tracks from official recording artists are included

  • The vast majority of this content was not extracted, scanned, ripped, recorded, or dumped by me - It was mostly collected from various other online sources over the years

  • All game collections are hand-tested by me to ensure they all work, do not contain filler, hacks, or homebrew titles, and are displayed as respectfully and professionally as possible

I sincerely hope this will sway your action (or in the least, get you thinking about the importance of archive projects and the loss of our history). If you still want to request certain items to be excluded from these collections via a DMCA request, please follow the “Copyright Policy” actions mentioned in’s terms of service.

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