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Nintendo 64 Champion Collection


Titles in this collection: 53

Tested with VecXGL 1.2.2
File count (uncompressed): 53
File size (uncompressed): 324 KB
Format: .vec

The Vectrex was a very unique console, and it still has a cult following with new games being developed every year.

For an eye-catching graphics difference between it and other consoles of the '80s, it featured a built-in 9×11″ CRT monitor where bright electron beams would shoot over the face of the screen! It's something you have to see in person to really enjoy 100%.

Special items included:
Unreleased prototypes, bug fix patches, plus these extras:

"4-D Rotating Cube," "AnimAction: Advanced Animation," "Anthem," "Art Master," "Bach Prelude #1: Well Tempered Clavichord," "Bonnie," "Daisy," "Dual Vectrex Test" #1 and #2, "Engine Analyzer," "Etch-a-Sketch," "Melody Master: Music Composition and Entertainment," "Mike's Molecules," "Spectrum I+ Stress Tester Unit," "Test Cartridge (Rev 4)," and "Vectrex Bootstrap Loader."

Items removed:
Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release, and modern homebrew games.

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