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Sega CD 32X Champion Collection

SNK Neo Geo CD

English-friendly titles in this collection: 93

Tested with the NeoCD (2022 71ebe50) core in RetroArch

File size (uncompressed): 26.96 GB

Format: .chd

Four years into SNK's Neo Geo home console (the AES), they decided to jump into the game industry's move to discs with a new unit. While the vast majority of the games were exactly the same as their cartridge counterparts gameplay-wise, the CD format was immensely cheaper to produce and stock, meaning consumers could get $300-$400 (in '90s money!) games now for $50-$75 instead.

Sadly, their CD console wasn't destined for much - It was competing against the incredible Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and a handful of other disc-based units that were all selling more and gaining mass hype. The Neo Geo CD loading times were horrible (think up to 30 seconds between fighting game rounds!), and later units didn't speed up much. Also, there were no upgrades to the unit itself that weren't already seen in SNK's original home console - A lack of 3D ability made it inferior on the market.

One cool feature to mention, though, is that most titles released for the Neo Geo CD often had completely re-arranged, CD-quality soundtracks that were out of this world! My preference on any Neo Geo AES title is to play the CD version instead just because of this!

Special items included: An English-patched translation and games not in English that are easy enough to play without being fluent in another language.

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a full release, homebrew titles past the Neo Geo AES console's lifespan, and games that require proficiency in another language to play.

Release notes: Using the NeoCD RetroArch core is highly recommended, as it supports CHD format as well as a default option to skip the long CD loading times in the majority of these titles.

Where to put the included BIOS files? Check your emulator/frontend's documentation.

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