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Sega CD 32X Champion Collection

Sega Genesis

Titles in this collection: 1,035

Tested with GenesisPlus
File count (uncompressed): 1,035
File size (uncompressed): 1.38 GB
Format: .md, .gen, and .bin

The Sega Genesis (also known as the Sega Mega Drive) didn’t surpass its direct competitor (the Super Nintendo) in the first "Console Wars" as far as popularity, sales, or well-known titles. However, in some ways, it was actually more powerful! It also boasted a lot of unique looking and sounding exclusives that would become cult favorites that hold even to this day.

Special items included:
Unreleased prototypes, games not in English (but only if they were easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, titles with improvement patches, plus these extras:

"Art Alive!," "Chuck's Excellent Art Tool Animator," "Elite (Tech Demos)" 1-3, "Flux," "Game Genie," "GEMS (Version 2.8)," "Magicard," "Pro Action Replay 2 (Version 2.1)," "Pro CDX (Version 1.8I)," "Sega Channel (Apr. 26th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Aug. 22nd, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Aug. 28th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Aug. 2nd, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Canada - Dec. 11th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Dec. 4th 1995)," "Sega Channel (Game Guide: Canada - Feb. 1996)," "Sega Channel (Game Guide: North America - Sept. 1995)," "Sega Channel (Game Instructions - Dec. 1994)," "Sega Channel (Jan. 30th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Jan. 3rd, 1996)," "Sega Channel (Jun. 30th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Mar. 1st, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Mar. 30th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (May 30th, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Oct. 31st, 1995)," "Sega Channel (Sept. 29th, 1995)," "Sega Channel Adaptor (General Instruments)," "Sega Channel Adaptor (Scientific Atlanta)," "Sega Sound Tool (Version 2.2)," "The Miracle Piano Teaching System," and "Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio."

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, compilation carts that only featured games that were already released separately, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release (unless they contained extremely different content), versions not in English when English was available, Japanese, Taiwanese, and European versions of titles when a North American version was available, hacks, modern homebrew games, and titles not in English that require proficiency in another language to play - Those can be found in my upcoming "Sega Genesis Language Pack."

Release notes:
This is a complete re-work of my previous Sega Genesis set, which I did a couple years back. It was a bit messy and quite a few new translations and rips have been completed since then. I've hand-tested these new additions, added 78 more titles overall, upgraded several others to newer or patched revisions, and organized the files much, much cleaner than last time - The folders in this collection organize the games alphabetically).

Both "Warsong" and an English translated "Langrisser" are included - They are the same game, but Langrisser underwent a lot of changes to its text and graphics before it was released outside of Japan. That's pretty much the same story as to why "Streets of Rage 3" and an English translated "Bare Knuckle III" are both here - The Japanese version had more features, better colors, and the game was changed wildly before it arrived across the oceans. "Dexstar" is a prototype of a title that would eventually become "Ristar," but there are lots of interesting differences between the two. There are three games here that were special versions made from some of the developers of the original games - "Sonic 3D Blast: Director's Cut," "Aladdin (Final Cut)," and "Mega Turrican: Director's Cut." These include several bugfixes, new features, and content that was once unfinished. The original versions of those games are also included, except for Mega Turrican, which is also available within the Director's Cut ROM itself. Finally, "Outback Joey" requires an emulator that has HeartBeat Trainer support, such as BlastEm.

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