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Nintendo 64 Champion Collection

Sega CD 32X

Titles in this collection: 6

Tested with PicoDrive 1.93
File count (uncompressed): 41
File size (uncompressed): 6.93 GB
Format: .bin/.cue and .bin/.cue/.m3u

The Sega CD 32X featured both the CD attachment as well as the 32X unit plugged into the Genesis at the same time, resulting in messy cords everywhere and several hushed questions of “Why?!”

Using them both at the same time definitely proved for a better gaming experience than just the Sega CD by itself, as it vastly improved the gameplay speed and full motion video included in these titles.

Items removed:

Non-working dumps and duplicates.

Release notes:
The folders in this collection organize the games alphabetically, but I also created a "Multi Disc" folder to keep those titles apart from the single disc games. I strongly suggest storing this multi disc collection separately as I have, for ease of use. You'll want to import the m3u (playlist) files into your emulator rather than the individual .cue files for these, or they will not load / swap discs properly. Keeping them separate will make it much easier to import them in two different batches - the multi disc games (via .m3u) and single disc games (via .cue).

You'll need an emulator that can play Sega CD titles, but it also needs to have 32X compatibility or else the games won't run.

I've included both Fahrenheit discs - The game was released with both the Sega CD and CD 32X versions in the same box, but the CD version is needed to load and verify as a key disc before you can swap to the CD 32X version.

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