Nintendo 64 Champion Collection

Sega CD

Games in this collection: 178

Tested with Genesis Plus GX
File count (uncompressed): 2,679
File size (uncompressed): 86.23 GB
Format: .bin/.cue and .iso/.cue

The Sega CD was infamous for hilariously tacky FMV games, but it also brought us incredible CD soundtracks, the Lunar series, and the only official English port of Snatcher! How could you be mad at that?

The chonky Sega CD unit was meant as an affordable bridge into the "next generation" of gaming, but the attachment was mainly just used to add CD-quality music and grainy, pixelated video to the otherwise unchanged Sega Genesis.

Special items included: Prototypes, unreleased games, titles not in English (but only if they were easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, the Sega MultiMedia Studio Demo, Psygnosis Christmas Sampler, What is X'Eye Multi Entertainment System?, The Animals!: A True Multimedia Experience, and The Colors of Modern Rock.

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, versions not in English when English was available, Japanese and European versions of titles when a North American version was available, hacks, homebrew games, and titles not in English that require proficiency in another language to play - Those can be found in my Sega CD Champion Language Pack instead.

Release notes: This is a complete re-work of my previous Sega CD set, which I did a few years back. It was sloppy as all hell and my most requested update. I've hand-tested every game from scratch, added four more titles, upgraded several others to newer revisions, and organized the files much, much better than last time - They can now either exist in an accurately labeled collection of folders, or you can place all of the files together in one folder and nothing will get mixed up. Everything is obviously named with no duplicate track files!