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Nintendo 64 Champion Collection

Neo Geo Pocket Color

Titles in this collection: 60

Tested with Mednafen 1.26.1
File count (uncompressed): 60
File size (uncompressed): 91.8 MB
Format: .ngc and .ngp

The Neo Geo Pocket Color will always be one of my favorite handheld systems. It started out its life as the Neo Geo Pocket, the original monochrome version that was outdated by the newer Color version not even six months later.

While there wasn't a huge library of games released for it, there were certainly some exclusive gems to be enjoyed. This included tiny but responsive versions of some of the best fighting game franchises around and the absolutely excellent card battling series for Neo Geo Freaks and Capcom lovers alike: Card Fighters' Clash!

Too bad the damned thing didn't have a backlight, though.

Special items included:
Original monochrome Neo Geo Pocket games, Unreleased prototypes, games not in English (but only if they were easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), and English-patched translations.

Items removed:
Non-working dumps, duplicates, monochrome Neo Geo Pocket games when an updated Neo Geo Pocket Color version existed, versions not in English when English was available, Japanese and European versions of titles when a North American version was available, and titles not in English that require proficiency in another language to play - Those can be found in my "Neo Geo Pocket Color Language Pack"

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