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Sega CD 32X Champion Collection

NEC TurboGrafx-CD

Titles in this collection: 187

Tested with Mednafen 1.26.1
File count (uncompressed): 4,982
File size (uncompressed): 84.76 GB
Format: .bin/.cue

The TurboGrafx-CD (called the PC Engine CD-ROM² in Japan) was a TurboGrafx-16 with the world’s first console CD add-on, boasting the beginning of CDs as a storage medium for video games!

Unreleased prototypes, games not in English (but only if they were easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, plus these extras:

"Bikini Girls," "Develo: Starter Kit - Assembler-hen," "Develo: Starter Kit - BASIC-hen," "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna HuVIDEO CD," "Hawiian Island Girls," "Magical Dinosaur Tour," and "The Local Girls of Hawaii."

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release, versions not in English when English was available, Japanese and European versions of titles when a North American version was available, hacks, homebrew games, and titles not in English that require proficiency in another language to play.

This is a complete re-work of my previous TurboGrafx-CD set, which I did a couple years back. It was super messy and a few new translations have been completed since then. I've hand-tested these new additions, added 4 more titles overall, upgraded several others to newer revisions, and organized the files much, much cleaner than last time - The folders in this collection organize the games alphabetically.

The following games have been replaced with versions updated with "Un-Worked Design" patches: "Cosmic Fantasy 2," "Exile," and "Exile II." Un-Worked Design patches take all the mostly despicable changes that the company Working Designs made in the NA region releases of JP games and revert them to the original Japanese values. Working Designs usually made games much harder to avoid store returns from gamers beating it too quick and to lengthen game rental terms. They also censored certain things for American audiences (such as nudity). These patches bring everything back to the original way they were meant to be seen and played, but they still contain the sometimes questionable translation efforts from the company.

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