Nintendo 64 Champion Collection


Titles in this collection: 171

Tested with FreeIntv 2018.1.5 with ECS
File count (uncompressed): 171
File size (uncompressed): 3.1 MB
Format: .int and .bin

The Intellivision was Mattel Toys’ entry into video game consoles, with a few surprising industry-first features: Voice synthesis and game downloads via TV signal!

Unreleased prototypes, games not in English (but only if they were easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, plus these extras:

"Demonstration Cartridge (1978)," "Demonstration Cartridge (1982)," "Entertainment Computer System EXEC-BASIC," "Game Factory," "IMI Test Cartridge," "International Demonstration Cartridge," and "MTE 201 Test Cartridge (Rev 4.1a)."

Items removed:
Non-working dumps, duplicates, and prototypes of games that eventually saw a release.

Release notes:
When you start "Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'n Bytes" or Melody Blaster," you'll be taken to the ECS menu. Just select "Cartridge" from that menu to load the actual title.