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Sega CD 32X Champion Collection

Arcade Machines 2.0

Titles in this collection: 3,310

Tested with: OpenEmu using the MAME 0.219 core
File count (uncompressed): 3,531
File size (uncompressed): 139.05 GB
Format: .chd and .zip

I was a true arcade rat all throughout my youth, and some of my favorite gaming experiences happened on bright, candy-red Neo Geo MVS cabinets. I do find myself lucky to have grown up in the time where classic arcades thrived, but also cursed to watch them die over time... The bright sights, the sensory overload of sounds, even the not-so-great smells of retro arcades will always be in my heart and can not be duplicated. It's extremely important to carry all of the (mostly) extinct physical machines of the past into the future so the experiences they provided will never disappear.

Special items included: Required BIOS files and CHDs, prototypes, unreleased games, titles not in English (but only if they are easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, games that require light gun, trackball, or steering wheel controls, the Konami Test Board (GX800), the Sente Diagnostic Cartridge, the DECO Cassette Test Tape, and the FamicomBox system.

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release, European or Japanese titles when there were World or North American versions available (unless there was a significant difference between them), games with more than 6 total play buttons or that required special equipment to play, homebrew titles, and games not in English that require proficiency in another language to play - those can be found in my Arcade Machines Language Pack here:

This is a 2.0 update to an earlier version of this set. it includes 378 more working games and much better organization than the previous release. Also, there is now a complete list of included titles!

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