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Sega CD 32X Champion Collection

Aleck64 Conversions

English-friendly titles in this collection: 7

Tested with a Nintendo 64 using an EverDrive-64 X7

File size (uncompressed): 130 MB

Format: .z64 and .n64

The Aleck64 was a JAMMA arcade system based on licensed hardware from the Nintendo 64, developed by the SETA Corporation. It was basically a deconstructed N64 with more available RAM, a special "3D" analog joystick, and the ability to switch games in the cabinet via cartridges.

Never heard of it before? You're not alone. It only had 11 total games developed for it, and it was only released in Japan.

Major, maaaaaajor props are in order to Zoinkity of the Assembler Games crew, who did lots of hackin' and patchin' to convert these arcade games into Nintendo 64 ROM format so we can preserve and keep accurately playing them.

Special items included: English-patched translations and games not in English that are easy enough to play without being fluent in another language.

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, and titles that require proficiency in another language to play.

Release notes: The most compatible way to play these games is by using an actual Nintendo 64 with the Expansion Pak installed and a flash cart containing the files. It is possible that some games may work with emulators, but not all titles seem to load and run properly at this time.

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