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Scrub Club Legacy
Channel Zero Show

The Scrub Club Collective was a not-for-profit, independent, Open Source entertainment group with content for nerds, by nerds. It had extremely humble beginnings back in May of 2002 in Wichita, Kansas, but eventually gathered an amazing amount of worldwide supporters from all walks of life.

It started like any other music label, to create and promote albums to sell. It evolved quickly into a mission of free music available to all listeners while only accepting "pay-what-you-want" donations years before Bandcamp and other likewise ideas. It ended with the addition of an "Open Source" philosophy, releasing every project with attached acapellas and instrumentals so anyone could make remixes from day one and print-quality files for folks that wanted the physical material. It also sported public tracking of website stats and downloads per album and a centralized fund that was shared when the artists needed equipment, travel, and other items, which was supported by a voting system.

Service Lab show

Across the 13 years that Scrub Club was active, they independently released over 140 albums that were downloaded more than 380,000 times between a roster of 41 total artists and groups.

On May 21st of 2014, MadHatter laid out a plan to have all Scrub Club artists operate solo rather than being placed under a label, which he believed was as a dying idea - The tools for musicians to make, distribute, and perform their craft got easier and easier over time to the point where they didn't really need anyone else's assistance anymore and could do better for themselves with all their freedom.

The intention was to convert the label at that time into more of a collective of artists working together to share their resources, expertise, and connections, and to release to the public the tools and processes that made Scrub Club truly special. That way, it could take the "Open Source" idea further and act as a guide to beginning artists and collectives to help get them started.

Nerdapalooza 2009

However, due to past health problems as well as a much busier life schedule, Hatter did not have the extra time to put these tools together and instead just kept the Scrub Club Collective site up so supporters could download the albums in perpetuity. Now you're here, probably to do just that, aren't you? :D

On this site, you can download not only the albums that were available when we dropped the curtain in 2014, but also photos, printable materials, and all sorts of other goodies including 6 never-before-released projects.


Keep the memories and mission of Scrub Club alive well into the future! Live your life for the love, not the money! No Dough Soldiers are forever. <3

Want to catch up with MadHatter? Check out his newest retro gaming project here. Looking for his recent vinyl release? That's here, too.


01. MadHatter
02. Hyper Sniper
03. TNA
04. 8up
05. Anna Rex
06. C.O.S.
07. Shadow Puppets
08. Wookie
09. CutterJ
10. Sinister Six
11. Deafinition
12. Kabuto the Python
13. Benjamin Bear
14. Dr. Awkward
15. Kasparov
16. Southside
17. Diabeats
18. King Pheenix
19. The Ranger
20. Krondor Krew
21. Emergency Pizza Party
22. StarF
23. Untested Methods
24. The Bloodclan
25. ZeaLouS1
26. Dale Chase
27. Shammers & Lefthand
29. MC Wreckshin
30. Soup or Villainz
31. Torrentz
32. Remi-son
33. Rob Grounds
34. 2 Mello
35. Maros

36. HDninja
37. DJ RoboRob
38. Funky49
39. Service Lab
40. MC Ohm-I
41. The Killaz

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