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Video Game Greatest Hits_ GamePro's Ulti

Magazines and Newsletters

Welcome to the giant-ass rack full of videogame-related magazines and newsletters! All of the greats are here, and so are some rare and independent rags.

Since there are so many different series available, I've separated them into several sets for better organization.

Simply click on the covers below to view and download that specific series, or you can click on the "EGM 3-D" cover to download a large mix of random magazines that were a one-shot or had a run lasting 5 issues or less.

As more of these are found, or whenever the 15+ year mark rolls around each year past the original publication (what I consider "retro"), they will be added.

Items in this collection: 423

File size (uncompressed): 56.63 GB
Format: .cbr, .cbz, and .pdf

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