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Vocal Trax Flashbacks

Vocal Trax Flashbacks

Running time: 10 hours, 30 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 554
Filesize: 3.51 GB

Around the same time the 16-bit console era was dawning, digitized vocals in video game soundtracks became more common, featuring multiple voice samples and even fully sung songs.

What once used to be only boops and bleeps became deep, richly composed pieces, and then that evolved to a mesh somewhere between the typical synthesized soundtracks and the upcoming CD audio. It was a really rad and evolutionary time for video game music.

After that, CD-based games included more and more actual studio-recorded songs and licensed music to build the soundtracks.

This collection gathers nearly 500 tracks from retro games I've personally admired that featured such vocal-infused music (for better or worse).

It includes only songs that were created originally for these games and does not include any previously-recorded, officially licensed tracks from recording artists (unless, rarely, that those artists called their musical projects quits long, long ago).

As more games pass the 15+ year old date (what I consider "retro"), more original vocal songs will be added with updates placed below this text.

If I've left out any obvious ones that fit these descriptions, please let me know and I'll consider adding them to this collection!

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