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Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Running time: 53 minutes
Format: MP3 (32-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 27
Filesize: 129.8 MB

"Sweet Home" is an incredible, highly important game in our history, but most folks haven't even heard of it before. That's because it was a Japanese exclusive for the Famicom, their original version of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

So, why is it so important? Well, it was a licensed game based on a movie that didn't suck, it was perhaps the very first true survival horror game, it included a permanent death system (even though it is long and complicated for an NES game, it provides no checkpoints or continues!), it had gross and gory graphics, it used an inventory system between several switchable characters, it offered multiple paths based on who in your party lives or dies, it had timed events (that would give you an anxiety attack out of nowhere)... Look, it was just a very advanced game for such a system and time in our past.

It was created by Capcom and was officially the inspiration behind the Resident Evil series! Several themes, events, and systems in R.E. all started here. Cool shit, right? Thankfully, Gaijin Productions translated the game in 2000 so folks that don't speak Japanese can enjoy the (extremely difficult) experience as well.

Regardless of the language you speak, the fantastic chippy soundtrack will both trick AND treat your ears. You can now hear the original soundtrack as well as the arranged release that came later!

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