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Running time: 24 hours, 54 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 854
Filesize: 3.27 GB

SimCity took the world by storm when it launched in 1989, introducing many folks to the simulation genre and sparking inspiration for tons of official followups, spinoffs, and game companies wanting to make their own "Sim" titles. The early '90s were flooded with them, and simulation games continue to be very prevalent in our culture.

The official titles themselves ranged from customizable cities to theme parks to various creatures to entire planets themselves... There was a ton of variation so that you could try your hand at maintaining life and balance in so many situations.

The soundtracks mirror this, as far as variation is concerned.

Every game has a unique sound to begin with, and there were often so many system ports of the same title done by different composers that various versions of the same game had completely different sounding music.

After the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series, comedy commercials were also included for in-game radios.

This collection includes all of the music and extras from all of the retro Maxis Sim games, including rare ones like SimCity Jr., SimHealth, and the unreleased SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's nearly 25 hours long, taking more than an entire day of listening to hear it all. Damn!

It does not include music from "The Sims" series, as that will have its own collection at a later time.

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