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Shareware Fanfare

Shareware Fanfare

Running time: 55 hours, 59 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 1,231
Filesize: 7.51 GB

I was a total shareware kid! While a lot of my generation's youth had at least one gaming console in their house growing up, some of us were also lucky enough to have (ridiculously priced at the time) family computers as well.

With the advent of MS-DOS came a giant experience in my videogame history: PC titles.

In an age where entertainment technology was really starting to pick up, the industry was full of budding companies and independent publishers scrambling to get their games out.

They often did so by distributing shareware and other free demos, designed to give you the power to hand off the hype of a game to a friend if you enjoyed it.

I spent countless hours snatching up shareware disks and downloading hidden gems off of BBSes and I will never forget the experience of the hunt nor the treasure that came of it. I now present to you the soundtracks of a (staggering) handful of my favorite Shareware titles from back in the day, in Soundblaster / Soundblaster Pro when available, to give you the full experience of what I personally heard and remember back from those years.

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