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Samurai Shodown: Slash or Bust

Samurai Shodown: Slash or Bust

Running time: 52 hours, 17 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 1,272
Filesize: 7.43 GB

The Samurai Shodown series debuted when fighting games were starting to pop up everywhere, but it was very distinguishable from the crowd - a deeply historical Japanese presentation (including traditional instrumentation for the music) with arguably the most diversely styled and controlled roster out of any fighter at the time. It featured weapons-based fighting and an improved version of the SNK zoom in / out feature. There was just so much beautiful content to soak in!

So beloved was this game that several sequels (and prequels) were spawned, never losing its cult favorite status. The voice actors for the characters recorded several story dramas. The music was arranged, remixed, and given life from voice actors and popular musicians in Japan.

Live performances! Dolls! Stickers! Keychains... so many things to tie you to the Shodown universe.

In celebration of one of my most favorite series of all time, I decided to gather up every last second of retro audio related to the games to make a giant, one-stop collection. Shodown definitely deserves it.

Now you can preserve and enjoy every beat of the taiko drums, every piercing whistle of the shakuhachi, every samurai howl, every pluck of a shamisen... and jam out to some seriously radical image songs. If you know Japanese, you can also enjoy several audio dramas. Engarde!

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