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Road Rash: Freeway Friction

Road Rash:
Freeway Friction

Running time: 4 hours, 35 minutes
Format: MP3 (192-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 80
Filesize: 608.7 MB

I didn't have (and wasn't really excited about) the Sega Genesis back in the day (I know, I know, forgive me!)... but that certainly doesn't mean I ever turned down a chance to play some badass Road Rash titles.

Combining fierce combat with racing was genius, and Road Rash was one of the best franchises to do it back in the day. When I stayed over at my friend's house as a teenager, we would always throw down on his copies.

No friend, their biker, or sometimes even virtual police officers were safe!

One really interesting and unique thing about the series is that nearly every single port had its own music composer, and almost none of them created the tracks to sound like each other! Because of that, this collection truly sounds like a dozen completely different games.

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