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Half-Life: Crowbar Concerto

Half-Life: Crowbar Concerto

Running time: 2 hours, 22 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 74
Filesize: 296.3 MB

I'll never forget the genius of Half-Life after playing it for the first time on my PC back in 1998. I had a very low spec machine, but the game ran at top speed with every bit of detail with no issues, something even older games couldn't accomplish at the time.

Not only was it well-built, it was also well-directed. It wasn't just your typical FPS, it was extremely engaging, interactive, and the most immersive 3D experience to that date, in my opinion. It looked gorgeous and it -sounded- gorgeous. From the cinematic soundtrack to every last creepy sound effect, this game had me hooked audio-wise. I haven't played a Half-Life (or an excellent spin-off Portal) game since these golden days that hasn't upped these qualities each and every time. The series just never dips, and I love it dearly.

Take a trip back with me to the first time you visited Black Mesa and enjoy a resonance cascade for your eardrums! When you're done, check out the tracks for the nearly forgotten Codename: Gordon game and the odd and awkward "Sierra Presents Half-Life" remix CD.

Please note: The PS2 version of Half-Life was a port and only included one original song composed for the menu - it's awesome and included. And, yes, I know that the soundtracks for the Blue Shift and Opposing Force expansions are the same. They're both included here separately just in case folks played and enjoyed one, but not both. :)

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