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Exciting AF

Exciting AF

Running time: 42 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 56
Filesize: 135.2 MB

A lot of folks don't know this, but the very first NES game I played was not Super Mario Bros. It was not The Legend of Zelda. Nope, the first game I played on a Nintendo display unit was Excitebike.

Having previously only played games on an Atari 2600, my mind was absolutely blown at how such an arcade-style experience could be placed on a home system, and I was hooked. My love for the game kept my love for side-scrolling dirtbike games in the future (such as the always amazing Action Supercross for DOS and the modern Trials series).

While there wasn't much music in that original NES version, the soundtrack got a huge upgrade on the upgraded Vs. Excitebike for the Famicom Disk System that it highly enjoyable.

Excitebike appeared again in the 16 bit era, but only as a downloadable game on the Nintendo Satellaview - I had to include the hilarious voices from that title as well.

Completing this retro run of Excite games was Excitebike 64, which some folks played when they weren't too busy playing Wave Race 64 instead. :P

Put your helmet over your headphones and check your temp - Don't overheat your ears!

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