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Duke Nukem: Lock, Stock, and Barrel

Duke Nukem: Lock, Stock, and Barrel

Running time: 17 hours, 31 minutes
Format: MP3 (128-320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 336
Filesize: 2.19 GB

Long live the King! Duke Nukem hit the scene in the early DOS days as a fast, explosive platformer. The first game didn't even have any music, that's how long he's been kicking ass! The killer soundtrack started in Duke Nukem II and evolved just as much as Duke did when he started starring in 3D shooters. The ridiculously macho, foul-mouthed, roided-up hero has been destroying aliens, buildings, vehicles, and babes ever since.

The always fantastic Bobby Prince and Lee Jackson graced us with the most memorable tracks from the games that started it all and continue to be heard in every release since. Hard rockin' synth guitars fought alongside lots of creepy, atmospheric ambience, switching back and forth as we made our way through different sections of each map. Duke Nukem 3D's title song is arguably one of the most iconic in gaming history.

Since then, there have been many ports that were designed to sound similar to the originals, but a few had completely new compositions.

Brand new games in the franchise started appearing after 3D had run its course. No matter what, though, Duke games always sound fantastic... except maybe the title screen on that bizarre Mega Drive port!

This collection not only contains the soundtracks to the official games and authorized expansions, but also tunes from non-authorized games (like the appalling Duke Screw'em 38D), indie level packs / conversions (Total Chaos is basically a trove of questionable MIDI covers of Nirvana songs), and even LameDuke (the prototype that would eventually become Duke Nukem 3D). Come get some! Hell... Come get it all!

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