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CarnEvil: Token Horror Game

CarnEvil: Token
Horror Game

Running time: 21 minutes, 32 seconds
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 21
Filesize: 66.7 MB

CarnEvil was and still continues to be one of the best and most unique shooting games of all time.

From highly destructible enemies (eww!), to some of the nastiest creatures in the arcade (yuck!), to the blood spray and other bodily fluids flying everyone (gross!), it was a twisted title that demanded your attention from across the room and then quickly sucked the money right out of your pocket in record speed - Hell, the game's final boss even has it in his name: "Tökkentäkker."

A couple items that really made this cabinet stand out from the rest were the extensive sound effects, voices, and an absolutely wonderful, this-has-no-business-being-underrated soundtrack. Seriously, the compositions are incredible, really help immerse you in the goofy horror settings, and even have several tunes that will be in your head all day after playing. Go ahead and listen to "Big Bunyan Ride" just once. I dare you.

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