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ActRaiser: The Anguish of Tanzra

ActRaiser: The
Anguish of Tanzra

Running time: 54 minutes
Format: MP3 (128 kbps)
Number of tracks: 34
Filesize: 120 MB

The ActRaiser series will always be one of those titles I'll think back on and remember experiencing both graphics and music that were mind-bendingly good, ahead of their time. A classic tale of God versus Satan, but with even more mythical monsters thrown in.

Yuzo Koshiro is the man that brought us this music, and he also came up with the most recognizable themes from the Streets of Rage series, made part of the Shenmue soundtracks, and is still composing game music and performing live today.

He is solely responsible for the atmospheric, theatrical, orchestral songs that help make ActRaiser stand apart from the rest.

Hearing the beautiful, deep tunes helped distract from the incredibly difficult gameplay (well, a little bit), and you damn sure knew when a boss was coming when those 16-bit timpani drums started striking, haha.

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