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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

In the early '90s, White Wolf (One of the tabletop industry's top pen-and-paper role playing game companies) approached Capcom, wanting to spin up a Storytelling System product based on the beloved fighting game.


In 1994, this crazy amalgamation spawned its first core book: Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game.


For the next year, White Wolf put in serious work by publishing large expansions and special ready-to-go content in a few RPG magazines.

In late 1995, after an underwhelming amount of sales, the partnership was dropped and the Storytelling System fell out of circulation completely.


This collection features all of the original core books, magazine feature scans, the original cover artwork, and character sheets that I have faithfully recreated from the originals.

Items in this collection: 13

File size (uncompressed): 162.5 MB
Format: .jpg and .pdf

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