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Dune: Wormsign

Dune: Wormsign

Running time: 13 hours, 56 minutes
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 318
Filesize: 2.19 GB

The stabby synth keys and warbly, downright evil bass notes in the music of "Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty" will always be some of the best sounds to treat my ears to. From the very second a track starts to play, I'm instantly transported back to a simpler time where I would either be trying to clear the campaign on my own at home with the SoundBlaster Pro providing the tunes, or over at my friend Richard's house trying to put our heads together to stick it to the Emperor while their family's Roland MT-32 filled the room with MIDI goodness.

There is a treasure of composition here. Whether it's the industrial rock influence of Frank Klepacki, the atmospheric, electronic world fusion style of Stéphane Picq, or the symphonic, film approach of Graeme Revell... you will most definitely be pleased by the music within.

Stretching from the excellent adventure game beginnings to the RTS-defining titles to the last breath of Cryo Interactive's efforts, this collection includes everything you need to re-live the past. Er, 20,000-some years into the future. You know, whatever!

This also includes the long-lost released music samples for "Dune Generations," which was completely scrapped when Cryo went under.

Oh! I also included three alternate covers for you as well, so you'll have the proper image if you find yourself feeling more like an Atreides, Harkonnen, or Ordos.

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