Nintendo 64 Champion Collection

Famicom Disk System

Games in this collection: 190

Tested with: Nestopia
File count (uncompressed): 190
File size (uncompressed): 22.2 MB
Format: .fds

The Famicom (known as the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan) had a peripheral that never made its way across the seas - the Disk System. Much like the home computers of old, it added the functionality to read and write to portable, double-sided disks, but also featured extra RAM and a new audio channel with FM synthesis for improved sound. Having these type of disks as the media for games produced both blessings and curses - The blessings came in the form of unique features, such as the ability to write games to a disk using vending machine-style kiosks and being able to upload your scores directly to Nintendo (over fax technology!) to create data-confirmed leaderboards. The curses included how easily the disks could be damaged, the long loading times when reading those disks, and how easily it was to copy, edit, and make bootlegs of the games. It's believed that Nintendo's hard stance on piracy, emulation, and hacks in current times probably started here when facing likewise troubles with the Famicom Disk System.

Special items included: Prototypes, unreleased games, titles not in English (but only if they are easy enough to play without being fluent in another language), English-patched translations, Disk Hacker II: Copy Plus 3, Disk Keeper, and Family Composer

Items removed: Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release, homebrew titles, and games not in English that require proficiency in another language to play - those can be found in my Famicom Disk System Language Pack (coming soon)!