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Nintendo 64 Champion Collection


Titles in this collection: 172

Tested with CrabEmu
File count (uncompressed): 172
File size (uncompressed): 3.2 MB
Format: .col and one .rom

The ColecoVision was an odd computer gaming system with 14 button controllers and several ill-fated attachments. It was most popular for its great arcade ports.

Surprisingly, they came out with an expansion device that let anyone play the entire library of Atari 2600 games on their device, which made for a huge library! However, they didn't have Atari's permission for that... After court settled, Atari then owned ColecoVision patents and royalties.

Special items included:
Unreleased prototypes and these extras:

"Adam's Musicbox Demo," "Castelo," "ColecoVision Monitor Test," "Facemaker," "Final Test Cartridge," "Super Action Controller Tester, and "Super Sketch: Sketch Master."

Items removed:
Non-working dumps, duplicates, prototypes of games that eventually saw a release, and modern homebrew games.

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