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Myst: Age of the D'ni

Myst: Age of the D'ni

Running time: 13 hours, 20 minutes
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
Number of tracks: 344
Filesize: 2.11 GB

Myst came along in a time where visually realistic adventure games were just starting to hit, and we were simply not ready for its immersive awesomeness when it arrived.

An incredibly compelling mystery that included a narrative you had to discover in pieces, Myst featured puzzles you -just knew- you would be able to figure out if you thought hard enough (sometimes for hours). The beauty and sounds seemed to be all around you as you played. It quickly and easily climbed up to the top of the charts (and our hearts).

Over the years, the universe and mythos of Myst has expanded via the introduction of several sequel games.

They detailed the player's journey through the different ages, travelling between them via special books that were written to link everything together.

The music in the series has always been special to me, as it sets the atmosphere for each age and situation like an excellent film score that always hits its mark. The entire collection of game audio is here, even music and ambience not found on official soundtracks, to give you the full experience. Also included are the tunes and selected sounds from "Pyst," the... questionable Myst parody game starring John Goodman.

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